“(Glam Skanks) are not to be missed” – The Mirror (UK)


“These women do things their own way and create a rock ‘n’ roll vibe that incorporates such influences as T Rex, the Runaways, David Bowie, the Sweet, Alice Cooper and Aerosmith. The band’s Hollywood sensibilities impressed none other than the legendary Adam Ant — so much that he handpicked the band to open up for him on tour, twice!”– Yahoo Music (USA/UK)


“Not since the heady, hedonistic days of the Sunset Strip at its 1980s peak has Los Angeles witnessed anything quite like Glam Skanks.” – Classic Rock Magazine (UK) 


   If David Bowie, Jimmy Page and Marc Bolan hooked up with the Runaways, their  love babies might be called Glam Skanks... bad bitches gone good, with something important to say.


A fun, familiar, a sound that blends elements of classic guitar-driven rock, presented by four ferocious females that are top-notch musicians and brilliant stage performers.

Their up-coming release, "Anything In Between"  is riddled with questions and opinions that challenge and ask  what happened to empathy, civility  and how will we return to a more positive path.